Deshawn, JM student, photo

Deshawn is passionate about digital arts, eSports, and playing football for JM. He wants others to know he is a great listener and a funny guy. An interesting tidbit is that he knows how to play Rock-a-bye Baby on the recorder...going back to his elementary school music.

- DeShawn Morgan, Student Spotlight

teacher in front of board

Gloria is a Spanish teacher this year at JM, though has taught for many years in Rochester. Prior to teaching she was a computer programmer in Mexico. She now has three different jobs, all focusing on empowering the Latino community and educating other about Latino culture.

- Gloria Torres-Herbeck, Staff Spotlight

teacher in room

“I want kids to have a safe place to come if they need help on homework.” says Veronica Bruns, the new caretaker our Student Union space. Last year, through lots of hard work, a student action team brought to life their idea of a Student Union.

- Student Union, Veronica Bruns