Rachel Munda, Science Teacher

Rachel, science teacher at JM, says she most loves watching students at their extracurricular activities and working with her new science colleagues. If she’s not at work, Rachel is outside hiking, snowboarding or camping. We LOVE having Rachel with us at JM.

- Rachel Munda, Staff Spotlight

teacher in front of board

Dr. Bordelon teaches some of our Multilingual classes at JM, with some students moving to the United States in just the past few months. In the class today, with students speaking five different languages, they are focusing on writing and grammar.

- Dr. Bridget Bordelon, Classroom Spotligh


Corrin, a JM junior, says the best part of high school is being part of the band because it is fun, and a super supportive community. Outside of school, Corrin is a very artsy person, focusing on a giant crocheting project right now. We love having Corrin at JM!

- Corrin Muench, Student Spotlight