Parking Permit

First page of the PDF file: JMHSParkingPermitForm

With approximately 1700 students attending JMHS, we ask that all students and staff display a current JMHS parking permit. 

Printable Parking Permit Form

Online Permit Registration

JMHS permits are valid only on-campus and must be displayed. Students are asked to park in the student lot located on the east side of campus. Other parking areas are off limits from 7:00 AM to 3:15 PM.

Bring your printed online receipt or a completed printable permit registration form to the parking lot office. 

Permits can be picked up from parking lot office during the school day and schedule pick-up day. Permits should be displayed by the second week of school.

Daily Parking Passes are available to students who have an appointment off-campus during the school day.  Please stop by the attendance office the day before with your car information and a note from your parent/guardian excusing you for the appointment and sign up for a Day Pass.

Parking Lot Rules and Regulations

It is a privilege to drive and park on the John Marshall Campus. You will be expected to read and understand all driving/parking rules for the campus. Any violation of the driving/parking rules may result in disciplinary actions through Administration, a ticket being issued, the loss of your parking permit, or the vehicle being towed at owner’s expense. All motorized vehicles are subject to the full provisions of these rules and applicable state laws.

  1. All vehicles must be registered and display a current John Marshall Parking Permit on the driver’s side dash or rear-view mirror with the permit number clearly visible. 
  2. Cars on campus without permits displayed will be subject to disciplinary actions through Administration.
  3. The driver registered with the school is responsible for the behavior of others in their vehicle, even if they are not present. 
  4. Parking permits may only be used on cars registered to and driven by the student obtaining the permit. When carpooling, only one vehicle is allowed on campus, and the permit must be displayed.
  5. Automobiles should be parked in the student parking lot in designated parking spaces within the yellow lines. Cars parked in fire lanes, handicap zones, off-limit areas, or in an area blocking traffic may be tagged by police and/or towed at the owner’s expense. Off limit areas include all areas outside the student parking lot, including staff and visitors lots.
  6. The Parking Lot Supervisor must be informed of any changes to the registered vehicle (i.e. change in license plate number, buying a new vehicle).
  7. The speed limit on all John Marshall property is not to exceed 15 mph.
  8. All Traffic Laws are enforced. Exhibition driving (squealing tires, skidding, etc.) is prohibited.
  9. Drivers are to obey the Parking Lot Supervisors at all times.
  10. Persons parking in school parking lots do so at their own risk.
  11. Cars may be parked in the auto shop parking spaces during shop class hour unless it displays a special permit for overnight parking from the instructor.
  12. Driving on sidewalks, lawns, or athletic fields is prohibited. Students will be required to pay restitution and subject to disciplinary actions through Administration.
  13. Drivers should report accidents, vandalism, or theft to the Administration, Parking Lot Supervisor, or Police immediately. 
  14. Abuse of the above rules, such as closed campus violation, parking in the staff or visitor lot will result in disciplinary actions through administration.