Rocket Hour

Rocket Hour is a new feature at John Marshall this year. It takes the best of Academic Advisory and makes the most of study and learning time for John Marshall students and gives our juniors and seniors choice with regard to when they start their school day! 

  • Rocket Hour is from 7:40-8:31 AM, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. On Tuesday, Rocket Hour is immediately after Teacher Collaboration time and runs from 8:15-8:55 AM.
  • Rocket Hour is ONLY for students who do not take seven classes. Students with seven classes have a regular first hour class during the time that Rocket Hour meets. 
  • All freshmen and sophomores who take six classes are required to participate in Rocket Hour. Attendance is taken daily. 
  • On Monday, students will report to Advisory, where they will participate in a community/citizenship activity and schedule the remainder of their week for Rocket Hour. 
  • Scheduling of Rocket Hour is done online through a program called Flexi-Sched and can be done from any mobile device or computer. 
  • Tuesday-Friday, students who participate in Rocket Hour will be able to self-select where they go for Rocket Hour. Students’ teachers will be available for additional assistance and reteaching as well as test retakes, homework questions, etc. Teachers will also be offering enrichment opportunities. Clubs and activities may meet during Rocket Hour as well. 
  • Teachers can choose to schedule students to their own Rocket Hour sessions if they feel a student needs additional support/help in their classes. Teacher selection takes precedent and, if a teacher schedules a student for Rocket Hour support with him or her, that student cannot attend a different option that day. 
  • Juniors and Seniors with six classes may choose to attend Rocket Hour voluntarily. If they do not choose to attend Rocket Hour, they may report to a designated quiet study area (Cafeteria or Library) or they may start their day at the beginning of second hour. Juniors and Seniors who ride district busses to school and take six classes may either use the quiet study options or report to Rocket Hour. 
  • In the event of late start due to weather, or if we have an alternate schedule for a pep rally, etc., we will still have Rocket Hour (any time we have First Hour we will have Rocket Hour). 
  • Students who are absent from school on Monday Advisory can still schedule for Rocket Hour from home using a mobile device or computer or can schedule their week when they return to school. 

If you still have questions about Rocket Hour, contact Principal Eric Johnson at (507) 328-5403 or via email