Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Important Times 

7:00 AM Cafeteria, Door 7, and Door 9 Opens Students may report to Cafeteria or Gym for Breakfast
7:30 AM Door 1 Opens Students may report directly to their First Hour class
8:25 AM Door 1 and Door 9 Opens Open Students who do not have a first hour/Rocket Hour and are arriving may enter building and report to Second Hour
2:33 PM End of School Day Students who do not use bus transportation and/or are not in after-school activities/athletics need to be picked up as quickly as possible
2:33 PM Distance Learner Support Time After 2:33 PM, this time is dedicated to help support our students in Distance Learning


Drop-Off Area

We ask that students being dropped-off or picked-up at these times to please use 14th street or the sidewalk at the south end of the student lot, SE side of the building. This will minimize congestion, reduce delays in your morning and afternoon commute, and help provide a safe area for our bused students and our JM students as they enter and exit the building and property.